Automotive Interior Components
Wooshin System’s technological strengths breathe life into every concept with
which we design and manufacture our interior trim components and parts.
Material input

Injection resin/subsidiary materials/fabric input

Resin drying

Drying injection resin (PP+TD20) 60˚C for 2 hours

Fabric integral molding

After inserting the fabric, the fabric is molded using a direct injection method (core-back technology applied)

Strain relief jig

Strain relief jig is used to minimize deformation during natural cooling after injection


Stored by specification on factory mobile truck


Cut off unnecessary parts, leaving the wrapping area


Application and drying


Wrapping the bonded and dried product by pressing it on the back

Assembly of subsidiary materials

Assembly of subsidiary materials such as fasteners, bolts, SRS CAP, etc.


Sealing/missing/appearance inspection

Barcode Reading

Product specification barcode and ALC code consistency check

Packaging and Shipping

Packing according to the packaging specification and reading the box label barcode

Main products
Console Side Panel
Pillar Trim
Current status of facilities
Type Tonnage Quantity Category
Injection 1,300 TON 2 Hydraulic type
850 TON 6 Hydraulic type
850 TON 3 Motorized toggle type
Core Back / Double spout
650 TON 1 Hydraulic type
450 TON 1 Hydraulic type
300 TON 1 Hydraulic type
220 TON 3 Hydraulic type